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Rompin District Council has responded to the issue of shooting a dog belonging to Tang Sze Meing raised by Animal Malaysia.

In a response letter regarding a dog shooter named Barney. MDR denies shooting a proprietary dog in a home owner’s compound. On the other hand, the shootings were conducted based on the operation of the Rabies outbreak in the public recreation area Rompin Entertainment Beach.It is hoped that this MDR has answered all the speculations regarding the murder of this proprietary dog.

However Animal Malaysia does not agree with the method of shooting a dog that is irrelevant to be applied at this time. Moreover, the District of Rompin is not a hot spot of the rabies epidemic and is not gazetted as the area of the disease. Animal Malaysia proposes MDR to use more efficient and safe methods for dogs that have been proven to be infected with Rabies.

Refer to the explanatory letter by Rompin District Council (MDR)

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Animal Malaysia was summoned by Joint Management Body (JMB)

17 Oktober 2016, Animal Malaysia was summoned by Joint Management Body (JMB) Kota Damansara PJU5 Suria Apartment PJU5 was represented by Mrs. Zetty to solve the problem of ape and monkey invasion that lasted in the residential area. Animal Malaysia was represented by President Arie Dwi Andika, Chief of Activist Sharul Nizam Ab Rahim and Puan Farhana Bamadhaj Public Relations Exco. Animal Malaysia also involves Jabatan PERHILITAN Negeri Selangor to hear the possible solutions. This case requires the cooperation of various parties including PERHILITAN as apes and monkeys are animals that are subject to Schedule A Wildlife Protection Act 2010.

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